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QuickCare Plus for Dogs

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QuickCare Plus for Dogs offers your dog more coverage for the types of accidents and illnesses that commonly occur in dogs.

QuickCare Plus Program Coverage Details
Enrollment Age
8weeks - 8 / 6 years
for Select Breeds
Incident Coverage Amount

Accident Benefits

100% coverage to age 8*
80% coverage afterwards

*6 for Select Breeds

Foreign Body Ingestion
An ingested foreign body needs to be surgically removed.
Motor Vehicle Accident
Medical treatment for injuries resulting from any form of motor vehicle accident.
Defined Poison Ingestion
Medical treatment for an accidental laceration such as cut pads or dog/cat bites and abscesses.
Burns $500
Bone Fractures
Fractures not caused by a motor vehicle accident.
Allergic Reaction to Insect Bites/Stings $500
Bite Wounds/Bite Wound Abscesses $500

Illness Benefits

100% coverage

Coverage amount is for each of 6 separate illness categories:
• digestive system • nervous system
• eyes • ears• infectious diseases •cancer
$ 2,000
per Category


Additional Benefits

Up to coverage amount
Zero deductible

Accidental Death
If your pet should die from injuries as a result of an untreated accident, its original purchase price will be reimbursed, up to policy limit.
Boarding Kennel Fees
Boarding or home care to a maximum of $25/day for your dog should you become hospitalized for more than 48 hours and are unable to care for your pet.
Recovery Costs
To pay for advertising or to offer a reward should your pet go missing.
Euthanasia $100


  • $100 for pets under 5
  • $150 for pets between 5-10
  • $250 for pets 10 and up

*Payable only if an illness or accident claim is made, once per policy term year.

Please refer to policy terms and conditions for full details including deductibles. Conditions cannot be noted, symptomatic or pre-existing prior to enrollment.
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Protect Your Pet Today
After doing my research, I picked PetCare Insurance for my dog, Hugo, because not only do you offer many choices about costs and plans, you also offer an automatic monthly payment that is debited from my credit card - payments I hardly noticed! I also opted for the most extensive coverage; coverage I feel is not offered by other pet insurance companies. A few months after enrolling, I found some 'lumps and bumps' on Hugo that needed surgery. There was blood work, operating room expenses, lab fees and surgical fees. Following a report from my veterinarian, which I submitted to PetCare Insurance, I was reimbursed for all expenses per my policy and received this within a timely fashion. A few months after that, I had an accident resulting in a torn hamstring muscle and I was admitted to the hospital. Hugo was taken to a pet care facility and it was three weeks before I was able to resume caring for him. The cost was several hundred dollars. Fortunately, I'd chosen a plan with PetCare Insurance that reimbursed me for just this kind of occurrence; a situation I could never imagine happening! By the way, Hugo has just passed the national Delta Society qualifying test as a certified Therapy Dog. PetCare Insurance has made it possible for Hugo to give something back to the community, too!

Client: Rose Klevansky, Philadelphia  Pet: Hugo - Poodle - 8 years old   Conditions: Mass removal; boarding kennel fees
Claim Paid: $661.93