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QuickCare First
Best Value
  • Selected accidents covered.
  • All first time illnesses covered.
  • We pay 100%.
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Most Coverage
  • All accidents covered
  • All illnesses (Including Hereditary Conditions) Covered
  • $30,000 - $78,000 lifetime coverage!
  • We pay 80-90%. You choose.
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MasterCare Complete
Complete Coverage
  • All accidents and illnesses covered
  • $150 for annual wellness costs
  • We pay 70%.
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QuickCare Senior
Elderly Pets
  • Selected accidents covered.
  • Selected geriatric ailments covered.
  • We pay 100%.
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QuickCare Indoor Cats
Cats Only
  • Selected accidents covered.
  • Selected illnesses covered.
  • We pay 100%.
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QuickCare Optimum
Great Blend of Coverage
  • First time illness coverage
  • Select accidents covered
  • $150 for annual wellness costs
  • We pay 90%.
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We adopted our cat from The New Haven Animal Shelter in July 2003, and named her Seabiscuit - in honor of the gritty, brave, and quirky equine hero. Seabiscuit, a five-year-old calico cat, had just weaned her beautiful litter of five at the shelter and was looking for a home. As a longtime volunteer at the shelter, I was aware of PetCare's excellent insurance program for shelter animals and decided to get it for our new Biscuit. In retrospect, I am very glad I did. Shortly after we brought her home, Biscuit was diagnosed with asthma - then only a few months later, mammary cancer.
She is doing very well now and her prognosis is excellent. But throughout her illnesses, it was tremendously reassuring to know that PetCare was there to help. When I called for information, your staff was always courteous and sensitive. And PetCare's reimbursement was fast and simple! The Biscuit and I thank you for the peace-of-mind.

Client: Marsha Rabe  Pet: Seabiscuit, Domestic Shorthair   Conditions: Asthma, Mammary Cancer
Claim Paid:$841.30