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Our cat Curtis, fondly known as “The Little Guy,” only weighs 7 lbs. When he was about four years old, we decided to get him pet insurance from PetCare at the recommendation of our vet. You see, Curtis has a sensitive digestive system and is on a special diet to help him through everyday life. Unfortunately you can’t predict everything. In this past year, Curtis has had two operations - one for foreign body ingestion and a second for gastroenteritis. After submitting our claim, PetCare immediately reimbursed me for both operations and I am grateful for the role that PetCare has taken in caring for Curtis' life. He loves his life and we love him. Thanks PetCare!

Client: Margaret MacKay, Toronto, ON   Pet: Curtis – Domestic Shorthair – 7 years old  

Foreign body ingestion - Claim Submitted: $1949.88;  Claim Paid: $1899.88
Gastroenteritis - Claim Submitted: $1951.32;  Claim Paid: $896.58