PetCare Insurance

What sets us Apart?

Flexible range of programs to meet the needs of all cats and dogs and all budgets

Unlimited lifetime accident coverage

Up to $84,000 (dog), $78,000 (cat) lifetime illness coverage

Coverage for hereditary conditions available

Premiums DO NOT increase due to pet aging.

Guaranteed acceptance into a PetCare program for all cats and dogs regardless of age or current health *exclusions may apply.

Many additional benefits including – trip cancellation insurance, boarding kennel fees, coverage for prescription food, microchip discounts and more

Unrivalled Service Standards

Top ranking combination of Underwriter and Broker

Licensed for sale in all Canadian provinces

The Facts are Clear.. PetCare Pet Insurance Programs cover more accidents and illnesses, offer better value and more flexibility than our competitors.

Combined with our commitment to pay your claims in 5 business days (after receiving all necessary documentation),
the choice is clear....

Insurance Provider PetCare Major Grocery RetaiIer Another National Pet Insurer
Program MasterCare
Premiere 90%
Best Plan
Best Plan
Is the accident coverage effective the day after I enrol? - -
Are Premiums the same in the available Provinces? - -
Are claims reimbursements based off of what your vet charges? (uses fee guide) (uses fee guide)
Are all prescribed medications covered? - -
Is there a discount for microchipped pets? - -
Do you pay the exchange rate if treatment is paid in US funds? - -
Can I pay annually as well as monthly? - -
Are congenital defects covered, that have not yet been symptomatic, treated or diagnosed? - -
Is there a Waiting Period on Illness Coverage?
(21 days)

(14 days)

(21 days)

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I found out about PetCare through a friend in New Jersey. I decided to sign up my 2 Jack Russell Terriers. One day when I was out, 2 year old Patch (who is a real live wire!), got into my briefcase and managed to eat a bottle of Motrin. When I got home, Patch was shaking like a leaf. We rushed him to Emergency, where he was put on intravenous and kept overnight, after that he was kept for three more nights at his regular veterinarians. Thank goodness for PetCare Insurance. Patch was treated right away and my claim was paid quickly too. Both my dogs are insured with PetCare and I am very pleased with the results. I continually tell friends and colleges about PetCare and all it has done for us.

Client: Margaret Mettimano  Pet: Patch, Jack Russell Terrier - 2 years old   Condition: Poisoning
Claim Submitted: $523.20    Claim Paid $471.17