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EmergencyCare for Dogs

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$3,000 of pre-paid lifesaving medical treatment for use while your pet is lost.

EmergencyCare Program Coverage Details
Coverage Coverage Amount
Veterinary Fees
should your pet require life saving treatment while lost and brought to a clinic.
$ 3,000
Recovery Costs
to cover advertising or reward costs.
$ 250
  $50 deductible
Annual Premium $19.44

How it works.

  • EmergencyCare is exclusively provided to microchipped pets registered with 24PetWatch.
  • When your lost pet is brought into a clinic or shelter the emergency personnel on duty will scan the pet to locate and read your pet's unique microchip number.
  • The emergency personnel will then call 24PetWatch to locate the pet's owner, during that call the 24PetWatch representative will indicate that your pet has the benefit of EmergencyCare coverage.
  • EmergencyCare coverage gives the attending veterinarian pre-authorization to immediately administer up to $3,000 of lifesaving medical treatment.
  • While your pet's needs are being attended to the 24PetWatch staff will be locating you to let you know that your lost pet has been found.
  • EmergencyCare - can make the difference between a happy reunion and heartache.

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Ellee Mae was just 4 months old when I was doing renovations on the kitchen. I had mixed up a bucket of wallpaper remover and water and went upstairs. I was barely out of the room before I realized the danger of the bucket and an active puppy. When I returned Ellee Mae began to vomit almost immediately. She was brought to emergency where she was kept overnight and then for one more day at her own veterinarian's. I am so happy to have had PetCare Insurance to help cover the expenses. I learned a very valuable lesson that day.

Client: Denis Charette  Pet: Ellee Mae - Bernese Mountain Dog   Condition: Poison Ingestion
Claim Paid: $597.68