PetCare Insurance


Northbridge Canada Head Office
105 Adelaide Street West
Toronto, Ontario
M5H 1P9
tel: 416 350 4400
fax: 416 350 4412

Northbridge General Insurance Corporation is a member of the Northbridge Insurance® Group of Companies. The member companies of the Northbridge Insurance® Group of Companies are rated “A” (excellent) by A.M. Best, and “A-” (strong) by S&P. All are subsidiaries of Northbridge Financial Corporation. 100% wholly-owned by Fairfax Financial Holdings, Northbridge Financial Corporation has assets of $5.6 billion and oversees $1.3 billion in annual premiums.


I bought insurance for Flash with a certain degree of skepticism. I fully anticipated there being problems at some point with the coverage. However, PetCare handled my first major claim very promptly and I couldn’t believe how quickly I had my cheque in hand. Two of my friends who were interested in buying insurance for their own pets were waiting to see how my claim was handled. Now they are going to buy PetCare.

Client: Denis Pritchard, Markham, ON    Pet: Flash