PetCare Insurance


Province   Insurance Brokerage
License #
Principal Brokerage
License #
Insurance Company
icense #
Alberta AB K-98953-10419262005 7-1041926-2005 925
British Columb. BC 158915B727516R4 158915B727516R4 Northbridge
Manitoba MB K-14759-127809-2006 K-14759-127809-2006 1024
New Brunswick NB 502785 502785 10404
Newfoundland NF 02-70-PE040-2 04-73-JW100-1 97-43-TH052-1
Northwest Territories NT     NT-2006022
Nova Scotia NS 05-388866-00F1 04-775205-00F2 2005-210
Nunavut NU     NU-2006018
Ontario ON A2926 R18488 2879D
Prince Edward PEI 28398 5789 50137
Quebec PQ     12460
Saskatchewan SK 2770 44724 907360
Yukon YT     0624-3-267

Protect Your Pet Today

Thank you so much for compensating the cost of Spooky’s surgery so fast!

I never thought I would have to use the insurance I took out for Spooky, but felt it was a good idea to have it. After his accident, the hospital in my town, which is full of caring, happy people, attended to Spooky’s needs and the needs of other animals 24 hours a day. They let me visit him as many times as I wanted. Likewise, I was equally impressed with PetCare’s services. I have a QuickCare policy and would have been glad to receive any amount to help with the medical expenses - and $2,000 was more than enough. Spooky is back in good health now and we love him very much. Thanks for your financial assistance PetCare!

Client: Shirley J. Nelson  Pet: Spooky, Domestic Shorthair – 6 years old   Condition: Foreign Body Ingestion
Claim Submitted: $2,441.48   Claim Paid: $2,000.00