PetCare Insurance
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Province   Insurance Brokerage
License #
Principal Brokerage
License #
Insurance Company
icense #
Alberta AB K-98953-10419262005 7-1041926-2005 925
British Columb. BC 158915B727516R4 158915B727516R4 Northbridge
Manitoba MB K-14759-127809-2006 K-14759-127809-2006 1024
New Brunswick NB 502785 502785 10404
Newfoundland NF 02-70-PE040-2 04-73-JW100-1 97-43-TH052-1
Northwest Territories NT     NT-2006022
Nova Scotia NS 05-388866-00F1 04-775205-00F2 2005-210
Nunavut NU     NU-2006018
Ontario ON A2926 R18488 2879D
Prince Edward PEI 28398 5789 50137
Quebec PQ     12460
Saskatchewan SK 2770 44724 907360
Yukon YT     0624-3-267

After adopting my dog Sake from a shelter, I purchased my PetCare policy online. I had looked into other programs and determined PetCare's was the best option. I've been very happy with my pet insurance and very grateful that I took out the policy for Sake. She loves to play outside and somehow one-day she injured his ACL. When I contacted PetCare, the representatives were very helpful and I received my check the week after I submitted my claim. Taking out PetCare Pet Insurance was the greatest thing I have ever done. What an investment!

Client: Maryann McGinn    Pet: Sake, Mixed Breed    Condition: Cruciate Ligament Disease
Claim Submitted: $2845.75    Claim Paid: $2795.75