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The ability to share one's home with a cat or a dog is one of the great joys in life, they offer us love and loyalty, companionship and protection. It is not surprising therefore that they quickly win their way into our hearts as our four-legged family members. Unfortunately our pets are as likely to become ill or to have an accident as any of our other loved ones, and in some cases more so. From falling down the stairs, to allergies, car accidents to cancer our pets frequently need the expertise of a veterinarian and at those times the last thing we want to think about is money. That's why PetCare Pet Insurance Programs offers you the chance to manage the risk associated with your pet's medical issues through the provision of a selection of flexible and affordable pet insurance programs.

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Bartleby, my three year old cat, was hit by a car and badly injured. We rushed him to the vet to find that he had broken one leg and dislocated a hip. Bartleby’s vet set the broken leg, but was unable to handle the dislocated hip and also told me that the leg that he just set would also need surgery and quickly referred us to a specialist. The specialist then performed surgery to remove the damaged femoral head in the dislocated hip and fixed the broken leg. I was so relieved to have pet insurance with PetCare; I had only enrolled Bartleby a month prior to his accident. I was initially worried that because of the recent enrollment that it might take longer to receive my reimbursement, I was wrong. No sooner had I sent all of Bartleby’s medical records with his claim I received a check in the mail. Now Bartleby is a happy, healthy cat who now enjoys life indoors. Thank you PetCare because of you I was able to afford the surgery to make sure Bartleby remained part of my family.

Client: Jennifer Lorincz  Pet: Bartleby, cat   Condition: Broken Leg and Hip Surgery
Claim Paid: $2,500