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The ability to share one's home with a cat or a dog is one of the great joys in life, they offer us love and loyalty, companionship and protection. It is not surprising therefore that they quickly win their way into our hearts as our four-legged family members. Unfortunately our pets are as likely to become ill or to have an accident as any of our other loved ones, and in some cases more so. From falling down the stairs, to allergies, car accidents to cancer our pets frequently need the expertise of a veterinarian and at those times the last thing we want to think about is money. That's why PetCare Pet Insurance Programs offers you the chance to manage the risk associated with your pet's medical issues through the provision of a selection of flexible and affordable pet insurance programs.

Trust PetCare Pet Insurance to help you through all your pet's ups and downs in life. You can depend on PetCare in your time of need.

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When I first adopted Harley, I discovered PetCare Pet Insurance through a flyer that came through the mail when I registered him with the AKC. I quickly enrolled him in one of the policies offered by PetCare. It had been a few months and I was thinking about canceling my policy, but I couldnít find the number to call. Thankfully, I never found the phone number because suddenly Harley began vomiting repeatedly and was quite lifeless in personality. I immediately took him to the vet where they discovered he had a hemoabdomen/liver laceration; the vet told me that Harley would not live past the night without surgery. I immediately said yes to the procedure because I knew that PetCare would cover some of the cost. When it came time to make my claim I was happy to discover how quick and easy it was and I was even happier when my cheque came to me a week later. I was so impressed with the service provided to me through PetCare I even upgraded my policy. I recommend everyone get a policy with PetCare insurance, itís the best thing you can do if you own a pet.

Client: Darla Torres  Pet: Harley, 1 year old Yorkie    Condition: Hemoabdomen/Liver Laceration
Claim Paid: $3,000