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Protect Your Pet Today

I just wanted to say thank you to Petcare for your awesome service! My 1 year old puppy was bitten in the park 2 months ago by another dog, which led to a $300 vet bill including an x-ray and stitches. My MasterCare policy covered $250 of that $300 and they had a check mailed to me within 2 weeks. I just think pet insurance is the most amazing thing and I don't understand why everyone doesn't have it. I obtained your $30 a month coverage when my Abby was 4 months, and she was injured at 10 months. That means that at $30/mo for 6 months I've paid in $180. The policy has paid for itself almost 2 times over! Thank you to your call centre for their kindness and knowledge and to your claim centre for their prompt response. I plan on having this coverage for a long time, with my current pet and pets to come.

Client: Jennifer Johnston  Pet: Abby  Condition: Dog bite
Claim Paid: $250.00