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We are so glad that you have chosen to become a part of the PetCare family. The combination of Your Love and Our Protection is a partnership that cannot be beaten for the long term health and welfare of your pet.

Do you have pet owning friends and family members that have not become a part of the PetCare family yet? Now's the time to extend a helping hand to bring them and their pets under the protection of PetCare too:

Two ways to spread the news

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Step 1 Download the attached
Partnering with PetCare coupon.
Step 2 Fill in your Policy number in the space provided.
Step 3 Give your friend or family member the coupon - remember to ask them to quote the policy number when they call or complete and application on-line.
Step 4 Sit back and wait for PetCare to send you a cheque for $25.


In appreciation of your recommendation PetCare will send you a cheque for $25 for each completed application from a friend or family member (that is not an existing PetCare policyholder) that references your policy number. Please remember that we only know that the recommendation has come from you if your Policy Number is quoted.


Protect Your Pet Today

PetCare has been fantastic. When Tasha was diagnosed with cancer, it gave me the ability to have her treated with much less concern over the finances. It allows for a much less selfish decision and allowed me to do the right thing for her without thinking about the money. Thank you for the quick way you handled it too. At a time of stress, you made that easy. She lived over a year after her diagnosis and almost all of that was with high life quality thanks to your help. Whoever says pet insurance is not worth it has a lot to learn about PetCare and PetCare Insurance.

Client: Gerry Goldberg  Pet:Tasha, Domestic Medium Hair  Condition: Cancer
Claim Submitted: $4237.71   Claim Paid: $2500.00 (Max for QCIC policy)