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QuickCare Senior for Dogs

When you want specially designed protection for your older dog. QuickCare Senior provides you with coverage for an unlimited number of accidents and coverage for illnesses common to senior pets such as stroke, seizures, cancer and heart problems.

QuickCare Senior Program Coverage Details
Enrollment Age
8weeks - no upper age limit
Incident Coverage Amount

Illness Benefits

100% coverage
$200 deductible

Strokes and Seizures
Should your pet require medical treatment for Stroke or Seizures. Not noted, diagnosed or treated during the previous 36 months.
$ 2,000
Heart Disease
Should your pet require medical treatment for any Heart Disease. Not noted, diagnosed or treated during the previous 36 months.
$ 2,000
Maximum total Benefit $2,000.00 for malignant cancer, diagnosed by histopathology. Not noted, diagnosed or treated during the previous 36 months.
$ 2,000

Accident Benefits

100% coverage
$50 deductible

Bone Fractures
Should your pet suffer a fracture (not caused by a motor vehicle accident) which requires medical treatment.
$ 2,000
Poison Ingestion
Should your pet ingest a poisonous substance and require medical treatment.
$ 2,000
Motor Vehicle Accident
Your pet is involved in any form of motor vehicle accident.
$ 2,000
Foreign Body Ingestion
If your pet ingests a foreign body and needs to have it removed.
$ 2,000
Should your pet require medical treatment for an accidental laceration such as a cut pad.
$ 500
Bite Wounds and Bite Wound Abscesses
Should your pet require medical treatment as a result of bite wounds or abscesses caused by bite wounds.
$ 500
Should your pet require medical treatment as a result of a burn.
$ 500
Allergic Reaction to Insect Bites
Should your pet be bitten or stung by an insect and suffer an allergic reaction which requires medical treatment.
$ 500


Up to coverage amount
Zero deductible

Boarding Kennel Fees
Boarding or home care to a maximum of $25/day for your pet should you become hospitalized for more than 48 hours and are unable to care for your pet.
$ 250
Trip Cancellation
To cover the cost of canceling your trip should your pet require life-saving medical treatment up to 7 days before or during your vacation.
$ 500
Recovery Cost
To pay for advertising or to offer a reward should your pet go missing.
$ 150
Owner Bequest
Provided to the guardian of your pet should you predecease your pet.
$ 200
To pay for the costs (including burial, cremation) associated with euthanising the pet if decided in the pet's best interest.
$ 100
Accidental Death
If your pet should die from injuries as a result of an untreated accident, we will reimburse the original purchase price of your pet.
$ 500
Please refer to your policy terms and conditions for full details. Conditions cannot be noted, symptomatic or pre-existing prior to enrollment.
The Benefits of PetCare    Terms & Conditions

Protect Your Pet Today
Camo is a very active bulldog. In fact, I'm sure he's probably one of the first bulldogs to climb the White Mountains in NH! We decided to get PetCare Insurance since Bulldogs are known to be injury-prone. Six months ago, Camo began to limp on his right rear leg. Our Vet identified minor slippage of the knee cap, or "Luxating Patella", likely a result of his active lifestyle. We tried treating him with joint supplements but unfortunately the condition deteriorated to the point where he was limping regularly and in a substantial amount of pain. At that point we made the decision to have the condition corrected by surgery. Making a claim with PetCare was very easy and I received fast reimbursement. I didn't know what to expect when we submitted the claim, but much to my pleasure there were no challenges with PetCare Insurance!

Client: J. Edwin Upson  Pet: Camo, Bulldog, 2 years old    Condition: Patella Luxation
Claim submitted:$3,442.44 Claim Paid: $3,000