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QuickCare First for Dogs

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Taking care of your pet's health couldn't be easier with QuickCare First

QuickCare First Program Coverage Details
Enrollment Age
8 weeks - 5 years
Incident Coverage Amount

Illness Benefits

Up to coverage amount
$75 deductible

Per Incident, first time occurrence only.
(Maximum up to two first time illness claims per year)
$ 500

Accident Benefits

100% coverage
$75 deductible

Foreign Body Ingestion
An ingested foreign body needs to be surgically removed.
$ 1,000
Motor Vehicle Accident
Medical treatment for injuries resulting from any form of motor vehicle accident.
$ 1,000
Bone Fractures
Fractures not caused by a motor vehicle accident.
$ 1,000
Defined Poison Ingestion $ 1,000
Medical treatment for an accidental laceration such as cut pads or dog/cat bites and abscesses.
$ 1,000
Burns $ 1,000
Allergic Reaction to Insect Bites/Stings $ 1,000
  Recovery Cost
To pay for advertising or to offer a reward should your pet become lost or missing.
$ 150
  Euthanasia $100
Maximum two illness claims per year. Pet must be under the age of 5 to qualify. Please refer to policy terms and conditions for full details including deductibles. Conditions cannot be noted, symptomatic or pre-existing prior to enrollment.
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Protect Your Pet Today
Ellee Mae was just 4 months old when I was doing renovations on the kitchen. I had mixed up a bucket of wallpaper remover and water and went upstairs. I was barely out of the room before I realized the danger of the bucket and an active puppy. When I returned Ellee Mae began to vomit almost immediately. She was brought to emergency where she was kept overnight and then for one more day at her own veterinarian's. I am so happy to have had PetCare Insurance to help cover the expenses. I learned a very valuable lesson that day.

Client: Denis Charette  Pet: Ellee Mae - Bernese Mountain Dog   Condition: Poison Ingestion
Claim Paid: $597.68