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Emergency Care
For Lost Pets
  • $3,000 immediately available to save your lost pet's life.
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Tenant Care
For Renters
  • 2 new illnesses covered per year.
  • Selected accidents covered.
  • 3rd party damage coverage.
  • We pay 100%.
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I heard about PetCare through the Internet. My veterinarian also mentioned that PetCare was known to handle their claims promptly and without hassle. One day, my cat Neo ate a pair of earplugs! First I took him to the veterinarian and then I called PetCare to make sure the costs were covered. The customer care department was fantastic. Neo required extensive medical attention... surgery, medication, and overnight care. The bills were large, but I did not suffer financially - my claim was paid right away. Did I mention their staff were awesome?! Neo is now back to doing backflips in the air and talking my ear off. He is quite the chatterbox

Client: Jody Winder  Pet: Neo - Domestic Shorthair - 2 years old   Condition: Foreign Body Ingestion
Claim Submitted: $1332.40    Claim Paid: $1269.85