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Emergency Care
For Lost Pets
  • $3,000 immediately available to save your lost pet's life.
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Tenant Care
For Renters
  • 2 new illnesses covered per year.
  • Selected accidents covered.
  • 3rd party damage coverage.
  • We pay 100%.
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I found out about PetCare through a friend in New Jersey. I decided to sign up my 2 Jack Russell Terriers. One day when I was out, 2 year old Patch (who is a real live wire!), got into my briefcase and managed to eat a bottle of Motrin. When I got home, Patch was shaking like a leaf. We rushed him to Emergency, where he was put on intravenous and kept overnight, after that he was kept for three more nights at his regular veterinarians. Thank goodness for PetCare Insurance. Patch was treated right away and my claim was paid quickly too. Both my dogs are insured with PetCare and I am very pleased with the results. I continually tell friends and colleges about PetCare and all it has done for us.

Client: Margaret Mettimano  Pet: Patch, Jack Russell Terrier - 2 years old   Condition: Poisoning
Claim Submitted: $523.20    Claim Paid $471.17