PetCare Insurance

Electronic Veterinary Experience

EVE (Electronic Veterinary Experience) is the first online claims processing service for pet insurance available to participating veterinary clinics and their customers in North America. EVE streamlines the filing and payment of eligible claims made under the PetCare Pet Insurance Programs.

The benefits to you, the PetCare Insurance policy holder:

  • Quick claims processing when your pet needs treatment for an accident or illness
  • Peace of mind that your pet's treatment will be covered before you leave the clinic
  • Pay only the deductible and uncovered expenses, the balance will be paid to the clinic
  • Pre-filled forms for claims not settled at time of clinic visit. You simply send them in to PetCare with the proof of payment

Is your pet microchipped?

  • EVE also allows your clinic to register your microchipped pet with 24PetWatch
  • EVE provides you access to the 24PetWatch pet recovery network if your pet is lost
  • If not, contact your veterinary clinic to inquire about microchipping

Has your veterinary clinic started using EVE?

Check the list of veterinary clinics now using EVE.



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